On-demand service for film photographers

Information architecture, UI, UX, Design research, Information design

MA Information Design project

Brief: Develop a cross-channel service that creates a community of film photographers, film processing shops and film manufacturers by providing time-saving services.

FILM drop is a new digital service dedicated to photographers that shoot with analog cameras. The platform brings together photographers, film processing shops and film manufacturers, creating the first community of film photography enthusiasts.

film drop

The platform aggregates demand online and fulfills it offline


Shoot your roll and send it to develop

Save time and effort with the new service


Our bicycle driver will pick up your film and drop it off to the shop

Your processing services are a click away


The business model is based on shared economy

Dashboard for tracking film rolls

Prototype of mobile application

Information architecture for the mobile application

Free content is offered in order to attract users and engage the community

After the user is logged in, he can access the on-demand platform and engage in new experiences

Interactive prototype