The project is a personal one, I did it for myself and from the bottom of my heart and it started out as a game in which I tried to combine those old-school features of analog 35 mm photography with the new digital vibe, the minimal stroke, the line, the pure colour because, you know, opposites attract, right?! I used this rule in order to create a powerful contrast between the old and the new, between a realistic view of the reality ( the photography ) and a minimal, iconic one ( the illustration ).

It evolved from my passion for analog photography, a hobby which I have been feeding for a few years now. What I love most about this type of photography is the granulation and the overall vintage dreamy effect. A picture tells a certain story, but, like a little God, I want to change that story, to mix it, to develop a new one and to make the viewer think and notice what was there before and after.