Brief: Redesign of Green Group ( six visual identities) 

  • the redesign of the package had to reunite the companies into one single family.
  • I tried to unify the brands with the help of a module and a variable part that makes the difference between them.
  • companies activities: recycling all kinds of materials.


  • tools: pen, paper, brain, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • school project, BA second year

GREEN GROUP offers integrated and efficient collection and processing services, generating, at the same time, high-quality secondary raw materials. All operation are carefully recorded and monitored for more transparency of waste flow.The group includes 5 companies: GreenTech, GreenFiber, GreenWEEE, GreenLamp, GreenGlass.

Instead of using the hyperknown "recycle" sign, I adopted a new perspective view about the RE - processes through the infinity symbol. I tried to express the idea of continuity with a family of 6 logos that are all created with only one line.